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Soundcase provides highly flexible recording and mixing solutions.
Our services
Rental equipment
You don't need an entire studio?
You just want the right microphone, preamp, compressor or effect?
  • SOUNDCASE 'à la carte' allows you to only order those very specific items you want.
  • Take a look at our menu of equipment units, which all come in handy flight-cases, and pick out whatever your concert, music event or recording requires.
SOUNDCASE helps underground and established artists, engineers and producers to capture their perfect sound, at any creative location they want. Our rental equipment or mobile studio allows you to record and mix your session the way you want, anywhere you want.
Full mobile studio
You need a full studio on location? No problem!
  • SOUNDCASE works with standard PROTOOLS HD systems that are compatible with all your sessions. This creates endless possibilities: you can start recording in a studio, then decide in a sudden burst of creativity to record your voice or guitar in open air, and still finish your session in studio.
  • All our equipment combines the accuracy of digital recording with the quality and warm sound of analogue gear. Everything comes in flight-cases for easy transportation, with compatible multiconnectors for a quick set-up.
  • SOUNDCASE offers flexible recording and mixing solutions: feel free to ask for alternative microphones or plug-ins, or to inform about our options to transport your equipment.